BYX opens exciting new motorcycle themed shop at Dubai Autodrome Retail Plaza


  • Aim is to be more than a one-stop-shop for motorcycle enthusiasts
  • BYX becomes part of an ever growing retail hub in the heart of Motorcity


BYX (pronounced bikes) has opened up a shop in the Dubai Autodrome Retail Plaza, adding another unique consumer outlet to the ever growing complex situated in Main Grandstand area of the race circuit situated in the heart of Motorcity.


As the name suggests BYX is set-up to cater to motorcycle enthusiast clientele along with mainstream shoppers with an interest in two-wheel motorcycle culture.


CEO Ashwin Dabholkar explains, "BYX is a one-stop bike shop for all motorcycle enthusiasts. The shop features an indoor and outdoor theme with motorcycles and merchandise segregated to parts, along with apparel, gear, accessories, decals and the like - all related to motorsports of the two-wheel variety."


The shop is fresh and trendy which in addition to selling a wide range of exclusive motorcycling related goods, also has a feel good clubhouse style atmosphere featuring a billiard table and foosball tables to entertain shoppers, while providing an attractive location for parties and functions.


"BYX will also have its very own workshop next to the showroom. We are set to provide all types of motorcycle servicing, repair, upgrade and customization to satisfy each riders’ need for speed, safety and of course provide an ego-boost," added Dabholkar with a wink and a smile.


Apart from the trendy gear and related paraphernalia, BYX also stocks pre-owned and brand new motorcycles which are displayed in the patio adjacent to the shop and overlooking the Autodrome start straight and pit garages.


Dabholkar said, "We stock anything from superbikes and race motorcycles, with an emphasis on racing and to support racers. Our range includes: moto-crossers, endurance bikes vintage and classic bikes, sports bikes, street bikes, touring bikes and to sum up, we aim to keep all possible in-demand quality two wheelers.”


Being part of the Dubai Autodrome retail complex has an obvious synergy and BYX is now part of an ever growing retail core which includes the Cycle Hub, Emerald Gym, Extreme Kids and a soon to be opened branch of Emirates NBD.


Furthermore, the area is part of the constantly expanding Motorcity community which is serviced by a boulevard packed with food outlets and niche stores, along with one of the biggest Spinneys shops in the UAE, enhanced by the walking distance entertainment provided at the Kartdrome and Autodrome.


Increasingly, Motorcity is evolving to a community that not only services residents in the area, but is now becoming well established as an entertainment destination for Dubai residents and visiting tourists. This will be further enhanced by the soon to open Ribbon shopping complex and a motorsport themed hotel which is currently under construction –both adjacent to the Autodrome Retail Plaza in the main grandstand.


Dabholkar explained the importance of setting up shop in the area, "Dubai Autodrome is synonymous to motorsports in the UAE. The advantage of the footfall and crowd exposure at the venue will greatly help BYX in establishing our brand in the local market."


"We are thankful to be a part of Autodrome’s family especially the full support given by its management for a successful opening. We look forward to help in maintaining BYX’s level of service to further promote Dubai Autodrome’s brand in the market."


The plan Dabolkar and his team have for their venture stretches beyond a niche motorcycle shop, "We look forward to organize functions, exhibitions and trade shows featuring select motorcycles of our own, plus to invite key-players from the motorcycle trade to become involved. We will always be open to ideas and suggestions."


"We also plan to find ways and means to support riders through prizes, while promoting brands that support our objectives during motorcycle track days at the Autodrome," disclosed Dabholkar.


Dubai Autodrome special projects manager Ryan Trutch said, "We are proud to have BYX as part of our Retail Plaza as already 'Ash Dabs' and his team have added a buzz to the complex through BYX.”


“This area is earmarked for rental to traders and is set to become a lively hub which in turn will provide an additional attraction not only to our Motorcity neighbors, but also to Dubai residents and tourists in general," concluded Trutch.


Final word to Dabholkar who was quick to respond when asked: What is the target market for BYX? "Motorcycle aficionados of all ages, all sizes and all levels."